Friday, October 6, 2017

Digital Microfilm Reader in Mabo Library

From the suggestion box:
Can the digital microfilm reader be moved to a quieter location in the Mabo Library please? The current location is noisy. Many students frequent the line of computers to the right of the machine. Others congregate and conduct group work on the tables nearby. Noise is persistent on weekdays. A secluded, quiet location anywhere else in the library is preferable to the immediate proximity of the reels.

Library response:
Thank you very much for your suggestion to move the digital microfilm reader. We have now relocated the reader to the northern side of the building - at the end of the row of computers near the wall (close to the record collection and with a gap between the last desk space with a computer), in anticipation of that space being a quieter area for research using the microfilm reader. Please let us know how that space works out for you.

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