Monday, October 16, 2017

Quality Study Area for JCU Students

From the suggestion box:

Why can't JCU simply create a no-food area? Other peoples stinky food and intense study does not mix. JCU sits on numerous acres for the placement of picnic style tables and chairs and yet still, numerous eager studious persons are forcibly held to ransom by uncaring unthinking, foodies. People can eat anywhere they want, all throughout the JCU campus, but studies can often only be performed in the computer study areas.

Please consider all students and create a foodie-free area. One silent zone area or some new silent foodie-free area must be offered. It is not fair to discriminate against the studious who prefer to study in a noise-free, stink-free area.

Best to create a food eating area. inconsiderate students currently are able to be rude to others and this is simply unfair.

Eating is an activity of community. It is where people chat and discuss personal, daily ongoings with friends and family. It is like walking, strenuous exercising and sleeping; all different to the information thought process of creating.

JCU must consider all students and all students will find comfort in the knowledge that food may be eaten where food eating is taking place. That place is not in the study confines of a library.

Library response:
Thank you for your feedback about food in the library.

The library aims to provide comfortable, welcoming and secure spaces for study, research, work reflection and interaction, and an environment that is inclusive and diverse. In keeping with this the library has developed zones (collaborative, quiet, silent) and required that only cold food and covered drinks be consumed in the library, on the condition that it does not disturb other library users. The library actively manages these spaces, aiming to respond to client needs, such as the expectation of being able to drink and eat in the library, with the expectation of being able to study in a quiet, odour-free space. Being able to consume non-smelly and non-noisy food and covered drinks is a common feature of many university libraries. JCU Library staff are available to help ensure the library continues to be a pleasant experience for everyone. If you are having specific issues with students eating food in the library please contact a library staff member (in person or via chat) at the time and the staff member will attend and address the situation in accordance with the library’s guidelines.

All the best with your studies.

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